The Archae 

VR Museum

We built a virtual museum. What makes it better than a real one? No rows, separators or safety distances; for the first time you can touch the finds with your hands

You have never seen history so close

Heavy Industrial Machinery

Interactive VR Visualization 

Take your product around the world… in a backpack! Show its features and functionality, in full scale, without expensive shipments

An immersive and handy product catalog

[  AR Business Card  ] 

The business card of the future

Leave an indelible mark by showing your personalized business card through augmented reality It allows you to show your brand in three dimensions, without downloading any app

[  Footwear Showroom  ]

Case Study on the future of E-Commerce

The future of the online store will be in the virtual world. The new frontier of retail is to manipulate and touch the products of the store with your hand, without having to abandon the comforts of your home

[  Nausicaa VR  ]  –  Luxury Yacht

From Interior Design to Boating – Thanks to virtual reality we can show the finished product even before the customer has chosen the colors.

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